The Digital History Seminar has been running since 2012 and focuses on the discussion of historical research that has been made possible by the use of electronic tools and resources. The seminar is hosted by the Institute of Historical Research and is offered in association with IHR Digital.

The conveners are: Alexandra Ortolja-Baird (Portsmouth), Alice Kinghorn (Bristol), Jack Newman (Kent), James Baker (Southampton), Matthew Shaw (The Queen’s College, Oxford), Sarah Middle (National Museums Scotland / Open University), and Tessa Hauswedell (UCL).

Convener alumni: Seth Denbo (American Historical Association), Adam Crymble (UCL), Matthew Phillpott, Jane Winters (University of London), Peter Webster, Beth Hartland, Charlotte Tupman (Exeter), Tim Hitchcock (Sussex), Melodee Wood (Loughborough), Mia Ridge (British Library), Justin Colson (IHR), and Richard Deswarte (UEA).