Tuesday 18 November 2014 – Mia Ridge – Citizen History and its discontents

The IHR Seminar in Digital History would like to welcome you to its third seminar of the 2014 autumn term.

Presenters:  Mia Ridge (Open University)

Title:  Citizen History and its discontents

Date:  18 November, 2014

Time:  5:15 PM (GMT)

Venue:  John S Cohen Room 203, 2nd floor, IHR, North block, Senate House or live online via the Digital History Seminar blog.

Live Stream

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Abstract: An increasing number of crowdsourcing projects are making claims about ‘citizen history’ – but are they really helping people become historians, or are they overstating their contribution? Can citizen history projects succeed without communities of experts and peers to nurture sparks of historical curiosity and support novice historians in learning the skills of the discipline? Through a series of case studies this paper offers a critical examination of claims around citizen history.

Talk notes: Citizen History and its discontents

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