Tuesday 29th March 2022 – Dr Adam Crymble (UCL) – Trans-Atlantic Digital History and the Spatial Turn of Practice (as viewed from London)

This seminar is 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm BST at the Institute of Historical Research and live on YouTube.

Session Chair: Justin Colson

Adam Crymble is a Lecturer of Digital Humanities at UCL and a founding editor of Programming Historian.

Abstract: Where we practice digital scholarship is often as important as what we seek to achieve. Building on the idea of the digital humanities accent (Risam), this paper considers the rising spatial turn in digital scholarship through case studies of practice around the Atlantic basin (Canada, USA, Colombia, UK). It does so both to celebrate the diversity of practice and ingenuity of practitioners, and also to act as a reminder that the digital humanities ideas of the English-speaking West are not always fit for purpose globally and shouldn’t be presented as geographically neutral. Instead, our framing of conversations and debates should acknowledge the cultural context of the ideas more explicitly, as most of the world already does.

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