Tuesday 8 November 2022 – Deswarte Prize Seminar: Pim Huijnen on ‘Something Happened to the Future’

Introduction & Discussion

This seminar is 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm GMT in Room N304, Institute of Historical Research. The IHR is in the North block of Senate House, University of London (Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HU). You can also join online via Teams by registering here in advance.

Session chair: James Baker

This seminar will be lead by Pim Huijnen, co-author of ‘Something Happened to the Future: Reconstructing Temporalities in Dutch Parliamentary Debate, 1814–2018’, the winning entry of the 2022 Richard Deswarte Prize in Digital History. In the seminar, Huijnen will discuss the origins, development, and findings of the paper.

Bio: Pim Huijnen is an assistant professor of digital cultural history at Utrecht University. His main interests are in the circulation of knowledge between science and popular culture. Pim uses and develops digital techniques to do his research, mostly focusing on quantitative text analysis.

You can ask questions via YouTube chat (if you have a Google account) or on twitter via @IHRDigHist.

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