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Wednesday 26 November 2014 – Ian Gregory and Chris Donaldson – Digital Humanities Project, ‘Mapping Eighteenth-Century Tourism in the English Lakes’

On Wednesday 26 November 2014, the Digital History seminar is co-hosting a seminar with the British History in the Long-Eighteenth Century seminar. Here are the details: Title: Mapping Eighteenth-Century Tourism in the English Lakes...


Interrogating the Archived UK Web – postscript

By Adam Crymble The second talk of our 2014 Autumn programme took on the challenge of a new type of source for historians: the Internet. Not online sources and databases, but the Internet itself....


Introducing Paper Machines – postscript

In the welcome surroundings of the refurbished Institute of Historical Research, Jo Guldi (Brown University) kicked off the 2014 Autumn Term programme of the IHR Digital History Seminar. In town to discuss The History...